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Molten Official Match Ball UEFA Europa League


  • R 1,75000

The Molten F5U5003 football is the Offiical Match ball of the Europa League group stages. The ball is one of the highest specification balls on the market today. This Europa League ball is available in size 5 and has been awarded the FIFA Pro Quality stamp of approval.

Using the latest technolgical design features including the Molten Acenture structure, which gives a smooth fusion bonded, seamless, uniform surface. This results in a ball that is virtually resistant to water absorption, giving you a football that is not affected by weather conditions.

Each ball has a golf ball dimple effect within the make up of the surface, which reduces air turbulence and helps stabalize it while in flight. Professional players love this ball as it improves accuracy of their passing and shooting. The graphics on the ball are exclusively for the Europa League ball range and feature the 'Energy Wave' which is said to represent the highs and lows of the clubs thrilling adventure. I'm not sure about the marketing of the 'Energy Wave' but i do know it is one of the best balls i have used and the graphics are great on the pitch.


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