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Nike Magia FIFA quality pro Soccer Ball


  • R 80000
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NIKE MAGIA SC3622-100 is an excellent choice for the competition of professional teams.

The ball received a new form of panels, which in combination with thermal welding technology gives the ball excellent strength and durability, a perfect, spherical shape, low moisture absorption and excellent aerodynamic characteristics.

The tire cover is made of high quality synthetic material.The seams connecting the panels are made using thermal welding technology, which allows to give the ball high strength, durability, and provide a low level of moisture absorption by the ball when playing in wet weather conditions.

Nike Aerowtrac  aerodynamic groovescreated on the surface of the ball help stabilize the ball's flight path

Foam lining EVA and polyester help keep the ball in shape immediately after being hit.The ball received a reinforced, inner chamber, which provides excellent touch of the ball and a steady rebound.A micro-textured relief is created on the surface of the ball, which improves the grip of the ball and makes the touch more noticeable.The graphic pattern on the surface of the ball facilitates visual tracking of the ball on the field and improves the response time of players to ball movements.

FIFA Quality PRO, located on one of the panels of the ball, indicates that this model has passed all the tests for compliance with the FIFA requirements for professional balls

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